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Ibrahim Abdo


Ibrahim Abdo (Ibrahim Abd El Hamid Ibrahim Ahmed ) is a director, choreographer, and dancer with a bachelors degree in Philosophy from Cairo University. He began acting and dancing 2006 while in university. In 2010 he joined Karima Mansour’s Cairo Contemporary Dance Center fulltime program. In 2017 he received the “Step Beyond” travel grant to attend Impulse-Tanz festival in Austria. In 2016 Ibrahim joined the first Interdisciplinary Music Theater Group in Cairo and concurrently began his own movement research research on the flow of the movement in the body from a contemporary point of view of Sufi whirling and incorporating the concept of free fall. In 2017 and 2018 in service of this research, he conducted two residencies at Alanus University, Germany to learn more about the concept of the flow as understood in the Eurythmie studies.  Recently he has started to reflect more on his home cultures as Egyptian, African, Middle Eastern, and the Mediterranean. In 2015 he started a series of meetings and residencies between Egyptian and Italian choreographers to share their creative questions and to have an open dialogue. In June 2018 he performed the world premiere of the work “Green Leaves are Gone,” which is a work choreographed in collaboration between Egyptian and Italian choreographers as part of “Focus Young Mediterranean and Middle East Choreographers” in Inteatre Festival. “Green Leaves are Gone,” will take also a part in Anghiari Dance Hub September 2018 as part of the project “From Levante to Ponente” supported by the Italian Ministry for Heritage, Cultural Activities, and Tourism.